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good music and sounds

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just what the doctor order, this is so for feeling and the relaxing sounds does help with the meditation. I find myself listening to this cd quiet often and is rewarded after listening, I am more calm and feel like a load has been lifted. thanks again. well done! shirley .

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I am so much better now!

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It's like my personality changed. I am so much more confident. I've almost forgotten the days when I couldn’t stand up for myself and felt little and unimportant. Now I feel like I am finally living my life as I should and as I deserve. N. Tsonchev

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Not sure how these work but they do!

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I tried a few. The biggest results I got are from the weight loss programs. I've lost over 50 lbs so far and still going! I am exercising and I feel full of energy. I love my life again. It's like I've been "programmed" to do the healthy thing and I love it. Cravings for sugar and carbs are gone. N.A.

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