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hmmmm.....love it!

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i listen to this probably 3-5 times a week! I LOVE IT!!! the other times, i listen to something comparable. i love the music and how it lulls me to sleep. i also use a sleep mask to keep out the light. i turn on the music, put my mask on and my brain knows the ritual and just starts to shut down! i have never slept so well! thank you for this soothing music! raddav            

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I am so much better now!

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It's like my personality changed. I am so much more confident. I've almost forgotten the days when I couldn’t stand up for myself and felt little and unimportant. Now I feel like I am finally living my life as I should and as I deserve. N. Tsonchev

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More relaxing than I thought possible

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I've tried all sorts of mp3's...guided meditations and hypnosis CD's. I expected to be disappointed again but was pleasantly surprised by this product. 7.83Hz is supposed to be the frequency that the earth's magnetic field vibrates at or something like that. I'm not 100% sure. I am sure about the fact that it puts me to sleep VERY quickly. I play it in a loop for most of the night. Very relaxing. Remy McGrath

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