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Wow! Love the Low Tones

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Sometimes the flutes, piano and chimes in most meditation music pull me right out of the quiet place I'm trying to stay in. This is the exact opposite. This has lower, soothing tones. Very relaxing and absolutely beautiful. Highly recommended to anybody who prefers lower musical tones. This is now one of my Top Three go-to meditation CDs. Mya

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These recordings are life-changers!

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I love the fact that there are two voices - this makes it very enjoyable to listen. The funny thing is that they work. I kept hearing "the right place, the right time" in my mind even when I was not listening to the recording. That's when I saw an ad for a job in a company I could only dream of. I got the job. I was at the right place, at the right time. Thank you!!! M. Hartford 

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After trying many brain synchronization recordings, unlimited abundance was the real McCoy.

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It not only delivered on all the promises, it was incredibly easy.  Always by the middle of the session I found myself going into a deep relaxed state but still very open to all the suggestions, which helped my subconscious mind be reprogrammed.  Also the added benefit of feeling refreshed at the end the recording.  Thank you to unlimited abundance for removing obstacles, which were holding my success back.  I practice Alternative Medicine in Las Vegas, since the tape magically I began attracting new patients without any effort. Dr. G

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