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Strange and wonderful

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I play this when I really need to focus on my work, especially when writing. It really works to focus my concentration and improve my thinking without being distracting. The music is very soft and ethereal. I don't know why it works, but I see a tremendous difference in my output and level of critical thinking when I listen to it. Willow J. Mitts

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Great for Studying

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I purchased this audio download to block-out my noisy neighbors. A surprising effect is the music's ability to keep me calm and focused, yet not drowsy. I now put this music on whenever I am studying or working on a project that demands 100% of my attention. Another bonus: After playing both tracks all day (5-6 hrs), I find that I sleep better at night (without the music on while sleeping). I highly recommend this MP3. A. M. 

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good music and sounds

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just what the doctor order, this is so for feeling and the relaxing sounds does help with the meditation. I find myself listening to this cd quiet often and is rewarded after listening, I am more calm and feel like a load has been lifted. thanks again. well done! shirley .

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