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More relaxing than I thought possible

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I've tried all sorts of mp3's...guided meditations and hypnosis CD's. I expected to be disappointed again but was pleasantly surprised by this product. 7.83Hz is supposed to be the frequency that the earth's magnetic field vibrates at or something like that. I'm not 100% sure. I am sure about the fact that it puts me to sleep VERY quickly. I play it in a loop for most of the night. Very relaxing. Remy McGrath

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good music and sounds

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just what the doctor order, this is so for feeling and the relaxing sounds does help with the meditation. I find myself listening to this cd quiet often and is rewarded after listening, I am more calm and feel like a load has been lifted. thanks again. well done! shirley .

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I really like this music. It has a pleasant sound and I feel much calmer after I listen to it. A great value! Ginger D Baker

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